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1. Acknowledgment

We ask that all who plan to attend the meetings refrain as much as possible from using any fragrances during the weekend, including perfumes, colognes, deodorants, aftershaves, etc. There are some saints who suffer from severe reactions to fragrances, even so-called “natural” scents, and we do not want such ones to have to refrain from attending our meetings because of those ailments.

It is our intention that, in accordance with Ephesians 4:3-4a, any who are under any form of discipline by their local assembly, or who have been “put away” (1 Corinthians 5:13b) would be regarded the same at these meetings as they are by their local assembly. To that end we ask that responsible brethren keep us informed concerning any such persons who may plan to attend these meetings, as to the form of discipline and under what, if any, conditions they may attend. Communications of that nature should be addressed to the signatories of the letter of invitation well in advance of the meetings.

A time of recreation is planned for Saturday evening – gym clothes are recommended for those who think they would want to participate. No ice skating is planned this year as in the past.

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4. Times of Arrival and Departure

A full breakfast will be provided at your hotel, free of charge.

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FridaySaturdayLord's Day

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6. Travel

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7. Language / Translation

If you have any language / translation requests for yourself or a member of your party, please note the language requested and the number of people requesting the service in the below box. We will see what we can do to accommodate if possible.


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