To those gathered to the name of the Lord Jesus elsewhere,

The saints gathered to His name here in Scranton are planning to host a Bible conference once again in Montrose, PA on the 9th and 10th of September (details on subsequent pages). We know many look forward to this time of fellowship, and feel we have the Lord’s mind in going ahead with it, desiring that the saints would be encouraged in the path of faith.
In our reading meetings we’ve been going through the book of Romans, and it has been a joy to see through it all God’s consistency with Himself in His character of Light and Love. Romans 3 shows how God’s character hasn’t changed one bit, and yet we went from being in a place of judgment to a place of favor – of being sinners to declared righteous! It explains that this can be so, God being righteous in doing it, because of Christ’s work on the cross! Now His character is on our side – our standing is as unchanging as He is!

“Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus; whom God has set forth a mercy-seat, through faith in his blood…for the shewing forth of his righteousness in the present time, so that he should be just, and justify him that is of the faith of Jesus.”  Romans 3:24-26 DBY

God could not pass the sinner by,
His sin demands that he must die;
But in the cross of Christ we see
How God can save, yet righteous be.
 LF #67A

The perfection of the Scriptures in these things will thrill our hearts as the Spirit reveals them to us, and it’s this enjoyment we wish for our brethren as we invite them for a time of reading the Scriptures, prayer, and the remembrance of the Lord. Our desire is not only for the encouragement of the brethren, but that He would be honored.

We earnestly request your prayers as we feel the weakness in temporal things as a smaller assembly, yet know the Lord is able to supply everything that’s needed.

With love from those gathered to the name of the Lord in Scranton,

Gary A. Gruen                                      Kenneth Tansits                                            Aaron Stewart